Bona® R850T Adhesive (20 oz)

Bona SKU: 9846
Bona R850T Adhesive 20 oz - Adhesive - Bona

Bona® R850T Adhesive (20 oz)

Bona SKU: 9846
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Provides outstanding adhesion to a variety of surfaces and allows for the natural movement of wood flooring. Use along the leading edge of refinished or sold plank floors, coupled with staple or nail down system.
  • Eliminates cracking and popping
  • Useful for prefinished floors due to ease of cleanup
  • Perfect alternative to face nailing close-out rows, board replacement, stairs, risers, and trim application
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
Product Specifications

Material: Calcium carbonate, silane modified prepolymer, plasticizers, amorphous silica Base – Silane Modified-Prepolymer

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  • Replaces top nailing on close-out rows and board
  • Supplemental fastening for wide plank boards
    when nailing and gluing are needed
  • Idea for projects where traditional fastening isn’t
    practical – hard to reach areas, radiant heat floor
  • Commercial and residential. Use with solid or
    engineered prefinished and unfinished flooring;
    on, above, or below grade. May be used on both
    wood and concrete substrates

Acclimate adhesive and flooring to room temperature at the jobsite 72 hours before installation. Building climate control system must be functioning with a temperature of 65ºF - 80ºF and maximum relative humidity of 70% for 72 hours before flooring is installed, during installation, and for 72 hours after installation.

Moisture testing: For concrete slabs, conduct moisture testing per ASTM test methods F1869 Test
for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride and/or F2170 Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in SituProbes. Contact ASTM International to obtain copies of the test methods before proceeding. MVER using ASTM F1869 (Calcium chloride test) must not exceed 15 lbs/24 hours/1000 square feet. Relative Humidity using ASTM F2170 (RH Probe test) must not exceed
85%. If readings exceed these limits, DO NOT USE BONA R850T. For wood substrates, follow flooring manufacturer’s guidelines including moisture content and required moisture measuring methods.

Substrate must be clean, smooth, dry, free of loose material and structurally sound, with the surface slightly textured for best adhesion (similar to a light broom finished concrete). Remove adhesive residue, paint, concrete curing compounds or other contaminants that may affect adhesive bond. Surface cracks, grooves, depressions, control joints or other non-moving joints, and other irregularities must be filled or smoothed with a Portland Cement based patching and levelling compound. Substrate must be level to 3/16” in a 10-foot span. Do not install wood
flooring before the compound has fully cured. Do not install over expansion joints or other moving joints in a concrete slab. Slab temperatures must be between 55º and 95ºF. Suitable substrates include concrete, plywood, particle or chip board, stone, ceramic, terrazzo, Warmboard®, radiant heat flooring (refer to manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions) and dry above-grade gypsum underlayment, recycled rubber underlayment.

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